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Our Products

The products we offer so far.

  • Insecticides

    Shaan,Bolt,Immy,Zanjir, Tigergold,Anarkali,Shock,Rustom, Trumpcard,Spin,Jack, Sumo, Heera Moti, Joker, Robot.

  • Fungicides

    Metro, Coverup, Dastak, Value, Nobact, Tricky                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Herbicides

    Saffayagold Topcover, Allclean, Max, Topcover Profit                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Biostimulant

    Speed, Jet, Rootz, Majigro


Our mission is to become the foremost Agro-Input Organisation in the country through safe and innovative products and make our farmers prosper.

We shall strive to secure resources that influence agriculture in achieving food security, better nutrition while restoring earth's health and joy for mankind

We are committed to protect our customers’ health and property by providing valuable, high quality solutions delivered by passionate professionals.

Our Mission is to Grow a better tomorrow…


Our Visions is to be the most respected and recognized market leader, the ultimate choice for quality service solutions and the premier employer in our industry.

We are on our pathway to become world leader in innovative crop protection technology solutions.


We are committed to:

- Bring world class products of sustained quality to the farmers with a belief that our farmers deserve the best.

- The progress of all stake holders.

- Promote products that are safe and environment friendly.


Nakoda Biocontrols is uniquely positioned to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions that meet the needs of a growing world while preserving natural resources. Our efforts focus around four key pillars.

- Sustain world class quality in our processes and procedures.

- Technology driven and committed to a green environment.

- Transparent, ethical and adaptive.

- Strive for the trust of farmers.