JET (Biostimulant)



It is an excellent product with combination of new generation biostimulants in it. It works as major nitrogen supplement to crops. It is major yield booster in all the crops

Target Crops: Applied in all the crops

Dosage: 5-10ml/litres and repeat durning various stages of plant cycle

Packings: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml

ROOTZ (Rooting Stimulant)



  • Powdered Formulation of Endomycorrhizae in a special carrier mix
  • It helps in rapid and extensive root growth
  • The powder formulation is effective for use in seed treatment, Seedling dip and Drip Irrigation

Target Crops: All Crops, Field Crops, Vegetables, Sugarcane, Fruits and Spices, Plantation and commercial crop.

Dosage: For Field Crops, 100 gm per acre, For Commercial crops, 150 gm, For Seed Treatment- 5-10 gms per kg seed, For nursery dip- use 10 gm per lit of water, For Drip- 200 gm per acre

Packing: 50ml, 100ml

SPEED ( Plant Growth Regulator )



This is a unique contribution of metabolites derived from multistage fermentation of selected organic products , marine algae extract and protein hydrolysates and fortified with chelated micronutrients.

It Increase yield and crop quality by improving the expression of the genetic potential of the crop and by reducing the abiotic stress on the crop.

Target Crops: All crops –Cereals , pulses , oilseeds , vegetables , fruit trees ,plantation crop and commercial crop.

Dosage: : 2.5-5 ml/ ltr of water. Applied 2-3 times during vegetative/flowering/fruit development.

Compatibility: Compatible with commonly used Pesticides & Fertilizers

Packing: 50ml, 100ml