Corporate Values

Our Values clearly articulate what our expectations are as an organization — what we hold to be fundamental to our culture. It is imperative that all of us, as employees at Nakoda Biocontrols, ensure these Values are maintained and are constantly made real to everyone at Nakoda Biocontrols.

Over the years we have grown, but we still operate with the same core values and commitment to excellence that we started with. These core values are summed up in five immutable principles that guide our business and our relationships with customers and with our employees:

  • Integrity: To possess high personal moral standards, be honest and trustworthy and show pride and sincerity in all that we do.
  • Respect: To promote dignity, fairness, consideration and equal opportunity and to recognize and appreciate everyone for the role they play in our company.
  • Teamwork: To work together willingly toward our common goals and shared vision, building upon each of our strengths while promoting trust and confidence in each other.
  • Commitment: To be dedicated in words and actions to do the best we are capable of doing.
  • Service: Providing the highest level of professional and excellent service to every single customer, regardless of how small or large.
  • Responsibility: We are accountable for our decisions and our actions. We recognise that trust is at the foundation of relationships and that acting ethically, safely and responsibly creates that trust.
  • Agility: We are resourceful and adaptable in meeting the needs of our customers and our organisation.
  • Empowerment: We are an innovative, entrepreneurial organisation where individuals and teams can do what is best for the customer, the organisation and our stakeholders.
  • Knowledge: Continuously upgrade skills and knowledge about technology, markets, products, customers, regulations and business processes. Encourage new ideas and their implementation across the company for commercial benefit.
  • Customer Success: Believing that success lies in the success of existing and potential customers. On this foundation, doing all possible to understand, fulfil and exceed customers’ stated and unstated needs, thus enabling them to succeed on a continuous basis.