Health and Environment
health and environment

Global success means highest standards of health, safety and environmental care.

Our Health, Safety & Environment policy sets out our objectives and accountabilities - we are committed to conducting our business activities without adverse impact on our neighbors or the community and to continually improving our products and processes.

We know the power of science can deliver economic progress and preserve natural resources to fully meet human needs. We are whole-heartedly committed to operating and discovering answers to the toughest world challenges.

Science and technology are at the heart of creating sustainable solutions to many of society’s challenges. We focus our efforts on preserving and protecting the environment. We also provide leadership and take an active role on issues of mutual importance in the communities in which we operate. Our efforts to support sustainable agricultural practices have generated innovative solutions to some of the toughest challenges in agriculture.

Our commitment to sustainability involves the following:

  • We strive to discover and develop solutions that preserve the quality of our land, water and air.
  • We work to minimize our environmental impact in manufacturing, packaging and shipping.
  • We deliver solutions that help customers and society minimize their environmental impact and improve their quality of life.
  • We contribute to our communities’ success in sustainable, meaningful ways.

Our people are empowered to tackle global environmental and social challenges through research, innovation and actively serving communities of need. Our ability to make a real difference in the world is shown by actions more than by words.

The Company’s objective is to carry out its business with no adverse effect on its people, the community and the environment, and to strive for sustainable development and continual improvement.